The best tool to increase marketing effectiveness on instagram
Using social media is a fun and sure way to get new friends, customers and fans to get more activities get more Money
The tool can help your Marketing plan reach many clients as much as you want. With these Auto Features: POST | DIRECT MESSAGE | COMMENT | LIKE | FOLLOW | UNFOLLOW | FOLLOW BACK | UNFOLLOW
Auto Post
Auto post photo or story photo and videos on your instagram account with post now or schedule
Auto Like
This feature will help you increase interactive like with options from hashtags, locations or usernames
Auto Comment
Auto comment on posts with your hashtags, from any locations or your usernames which are slected
Auto Follow
You can set up before follow anyone who has hashtags, or from locations or by usernames
Follow Back
Auto follow back users who just followed you and can send direct message to them, also
Auto Unfollow
The tool will auto unfriend all your users who are following you with many time options for you
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